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Computer Science - full-time second-cycle studies (WM-I-N-2)

(in Polish: Informatyka - studia II stopnia stacjonarne)
second-cycle programmes
full-time programmes, 2 years
Language: Polish

The aim of education in a Master's studies in Computer Science is to provide knowledge and problem-solving skills in computer science required to solve complex and unusual problems related to the profession of an IT specialist. The graduate has an advanced understanding of the fundamental problems of computer science and has become familiar with the techniques of parallel and distributed computing in detail. Can analyze the algorithm's computational complexity and use advanced numerical methods for its optimization. Can manage IT projects and conduct communication in a programming team. The graduate has also become familiar with advanced logic and functional programming techniques. Depending on the chosen specialization, can also use specialized data analysis and exploration, network programming, and graphic systems techniques.

The following modules/specializations are available: Intelligent Systems, Cybersecurity.

After graduation, a graduate may work in IT companies, IT departments or set up their own innovative company. Raising competences in this field may also open a path of promotion in such a company, if the student worked in a given position before starting second-cycle studies.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) magisterium

Access to further studies:

The possibility of applying for postgraduate and third-cycle studies

Professional status:

not applicable

Teaching standards

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Learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competences for the Master graduate in computer science approved by the Resolution No. 55/2018 of the UKSW Senate of 24 May 2018. Plan of study and syllabus given by the Resolution of the Council of the Faculty of Mathematics – Natural Sciences. College of Science, Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University, No. 72/18 of 19 June 2018.

Course structure diagram:

Abbreviations used in tables:
lect - Lectures
cl - Classes
kon - Conversatorium
lab - Laboratory
lek_now - Modern language classes
lek - Modern language classes
pr - Practice
sem - Seminar
e - examination
zoc - graded credit
(in Polish) Informatyka 1 rokECTSlectclkonlablek_nowlekprsemexam
Semantics and the Verification of Software53030e
Distributed Systems and Parallel Processing53030e
Nature Inspired Algorithms53030e
Numerical methods63030e
Logic and Functional Programming53030e
English B2 + winter semester230zoc
English B2 + summer semester230zoc
Academic Polish for foreigners1

1 - Obligatory subject only for foreign students ects=6 lect=60h (1-2 sem.)

Admission procedures:

Visit the following page for details on admission procedures: https://irk.uksw.edu.pl/