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Study programmes > All studies > Psychology > Psychology - full-time third-cycle studies

Psychology - full-time third-cycle studies (WF-R-PS)

(in Polish: Psychologia - studia doktoranckie)
third-cycle programmes
full-time programmes, 4 years
Language: unknown
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) doktorat

Course structure diagram:

Abbreviations used in tables:
lect - Lectures
cl - Classes
pr - Practice
semdok - PhD Seminar
e - examination
zal - credit
zoc - graded credit
(in Polish) Psychologia II rokECTSlectclprsemdokexam
PhD Seminar - psychology1.560zoc
(in Polish) Psychologia III rokECTSlectclprsemdokexam
PhD Seminar - psychology1.560zoc

1 - can be implemented on the second or third year

(in Polish) Psychologia IV rokECTSlectclprsemdokexam
Apprenticeships16180180 or *zal
PhD Seminar - psychology1.560zoc

1 - must be implemented in each year of study in the dimension of 10-90 hours (total 180 hours)

2 - can be implemented in any year of study

3 - can be implemented in any year of study; lectures must be pursuing learning outcomes for tertiary studies; within the framework of doctoral studies at WFCh are proposed lectures in philosophy