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Study programmes > All studies > Environmental Protection > Sustainability Studies - full-time second cycle studies

Sustainability Studies - full-time second cycle studies (WF-OB-ANG-2)

(in Polish: Sustainability Studies - full-time second cycle studies)
second-cycle programmes
full-time programmes, 2 years
Language: English
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) magisterium

Access to further studies:

The possibility of applying for postgraduate and third-cycle studies

Professional status:

Studies in Environmental Protection prepare specialists qualified for programming, organising and monitoring activities concerned with the protection and shaping of the natural environment on the local, regional and national scale. The graduates are also trained for conducting scientific research in the aforementioned areas. The graduate has acquired rudimentary knowledge of biology, chemistry, ecology, physics, computer sciences and mathematics; he is acquainted with the general concepts of biochemistry, geology, pedology, hydrology, meteorology, climatology, microbiology and toxicology. He has acquired specialised knowledge of the problems concerned with the influence of man on the natural environment, the dangers for the atmosphere, hydrosphere, and pedosphere. He has been trained in nature protection, monitoring and shaping of the natural environment, the management of water supplies, the disposal of communal, industrial and agricultural waste, as well as the legal aspects and economic policy for environmental protection. The graduate is qualified for being employed in administration, industry, agriculture, research institutes, academies and the institutions created for the integrated management of the natural environment. He can also work in education (provided he fulfils additional requirements, specified in separate regulations.) The graduate has attended some general courses (e.g. philosophy) and several specialised courses designed specifically for the professional degree of the Master of Science in Environmental Protection. He has acquired a specialised knowledge of the legal aspects of the management of the natural environment, bioethics and the ecology of man, and education for the preservation of the natural environment (both within school system an outside it)

Teaching standards

Learning outcomes in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies for the second -cycle studies in Environmental Protection as approved by the resolution of the UKSW Senate No. 49/2015 of 23 April 2015. Studies plan program approved by Resolution of the Council of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy of UKSW No. 1-3/5/2017 of 11 May 2017 on establishing the program for the second-cycle full time studies in Environmental Protection.