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Study programmes > All studies > Internal Security > Internal Security - full-time first-cycle studies

Internal Security - full-time first-cycle studies (WS-PO-BW-N-1)

(in Polish: Bezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne - studia I stopnia stacjonarne)
first-cycle programmes
full-time programmes, 3 years
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) licencjat

Access to further studies:

The possibility of applying for the second-cycle studies and postgraduate studies

Professional status:

A graduate of our three-year undergraduate program in Internal Security has a general knowledge in social sciences and humanities, especially in the areas of political science, legal systems, sociology, and history. The program provides specific expertise in issues of the local, national, regional, and global security, as well as to act in a versatile way in a constantly changing environment and circumstances. Graduates received efficient practical training in the preparation of analysis, anticipating and simulation of possible events. He/she is able to identify risks and to select, implement and coordinate adequate strategies for possible situations and events. He/she is theoretically prepared to work in public administration, especially with those responsible for the domestic security, as well as in economic organisations.

Teaching standards


Course structure diagram:

Abbreviations used in tables:
lect - Lectures
cl - Classes
kon - Conversatorium
lek - Modern language classes
wf - Physical education
e - examination
zal - credit
zoc - graded credit
(in Polish) Bezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne I rokECTSlectclkonlekwfexam
National security1330e
National security. Recitation class1330zoc
Local communities’ security1230zoc
Food Security3zoc
Introduction to Economics1330e
Professional ethics of public servants11.515zoc
Recent political history of Polish12.530e
Recent political history of Polish1215zoc
Contemporary history1230zoc
Social communication1230zoc
Corruption in public lifezoc
Introduction to law1230zoc
Theory about the politics and the state1330e
Theory about the politics and the state1330zoc
Economic policy1230e
Social Psychology1230zoc
Social pathology in domestic policy1230e
Introduction to Sociology1330e
Information technology1zal
Contemporary social conflicts12zoc
Principles of composition of scientific papers1zoc

1 - Required for conditional promotion.

(in Polish) Bezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne II rokECTSlectclkonlekwfexam
Public administration1230zoc
Information security in businesszoc
Security of public transportation and communication1230zoc
Social security. Recitation class1330zoc
Social Security1330e
Information securityzoc
Social and cultural integration of immigrantszoc
Ethnic conflicts in Central and Eastern Europezoc
Corruption in public lifezoc
Social science methodology1zoc
International Political Relations1230e
Civil law1e
Criminal law1e
Defense preparationzoc
Social pathology in domestic policy1zoc
Role of police in the state security system1330e
Social movements1230zoc
State of emergency and martial law1zoc
Combating crime1330e
Risk management3zoc
Physical education260

1 - Required for conditional promotion.

(in Polish) Bezpieczeństwo wewnętrzne III rokECTSlectclkonlekwfexam
No classes