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Study programmes > All studies > Religious studies > Religious Studies - full-time first-cycle studies

Religious Studies - full-time first-cycle studies (WT-RE-N-1)

(in Polish: Religioznawstwo - studia I stopnia stacjonarne)
first-cycle programmes
full-time programmes, 3 years
Language: Polish
No description for the programme.

Qualification awarded:

(in Polish) licencjat

Access to further studies:

The possibility of applying for the second-cycle studies and postgraduate studies

Professional status:

After graduating in Religion studies student obtains general knowledge about world religions, is familiar with topics in humanities and social studies. Alumn is able to make researches and use specialistic theoretic knowledge involving religions, in particular knows the methodological background of analyzing different aspects of religion done on the ground of many science branches and theology. Student is familiar with history and contents of leading religious orientations. Student knows English language on level B2 of the The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and is able to use specialistic religious vocabulary. Alumn is ready for work in various educational and cultural institutions, also interlinked with sociology, economy and politics. Student took part in students practices in multicultural institution and learned more about people of different ethnicity, culture and religion. Besides those, students possesses knowledge of many social roles and is aware of need for continuing education.

Teaching standards

Learning outcomes for the course Religious Studies (first-cycle studies) approved pursuant to the resolution No. 112/2013 of the UKSW’s Senate of 27 June 2013. Programme of studies as defined by the Resolution No. 409-2011/2012 of the Council of the Faculty of Theology of 4 June 2013, as amended.

Course structure diagram:

Abbreviations used in tables:
lect - Lectures
cl - Classes
lek_now - Modern language classes
pl -
szk -
wf - Physical education
e - examination
kol - final test
zal - credit
zoc - graded credit
(in Polish) Religioznawstwo I rokECTSlectcllek_nowplszkwfexam
The Topicality of the Heritage of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynskizoc
Training in occupational safety and health protection*zal
Ancient religions in the Roman worlde
Basics of Islam230kol
Sociology of Religion2kol
Information technology230kol
The history of modern and contemporary philosophy.e
The history of ancient and medieval philosophy.e
Theory of cognitione
Basics of Islamkol
Anthropology of religion2kol
History and methodology in religious studieskol
Geography of religion3e
History and methodology in religious studiese
History of religionkol
Basics of Buddhism3e
Introduction to Judaism330e
Ancient religions in the Roman world2kol
Theology of religion330e
Introduction to Latin and ancient culturezal
Introduction to Latin and ancient culturezal
(in Polish) Religioznawstwo III rokECTSlectcllek_nowplszkwfexam
Religions of the Far Eastzal
Contemporary Islamkol
Jesus in the eyes of Jews and Muslimskol
Culture of the Islam2kol
Preparing the license thesis10*zal
Former religions of Slavs430kol
New religious movements230kol
Biblical iconographykol
Traditional tribal religions430kol
Old Testament - the Prophetic Bookse
Philosophy of religion230kol
50 years of the Decree of the ecumenism \ "Unitatis Redintegratio\"zal
Phenomenology of the religion230kol
Old Testament - Historical Books330e
Latin and ancient culturee
Theology but the religione
Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism3e
Geography, Topography and History of the Bible Lands (Mesopotamia)2kol
Old Testament – Psalms and Wisdom Literature330e
Irreligion as a phenomenon of modernitykol
Ecumenism but the religious pluralismkol
Basics of Hinduism230kol
Ancient Israel230kol
Geography, Topography and History of the Bible Lands (Syro-Palestine)2kol
Ugliness and the kitsch in the culturekol
Biblical Geography, Archeology and Historykol
Pilgrimage in antiquitye
Interreligious dialoguee
History and methodology in religious studieskol
Psychology of Religion2kol
Spirituality of the Buddhisme
Professional practiceszal
See faith. Study the image as a communication of faithe
Old Testament - the Pentateuche
Sports journalismzal
English B1: term IV230zoc
Exegesis of the Book of Jozuee
English B1: term III230zoc
New Technologies in the Mission of the Church2kol
Spanish B2: exam1e
Foundations of sociologyzal
Pilgrimage to the Holy Landzal
English B2: exam1*e
The evolution of European culture in the Middle Agese
Acts and Paul's Letters.445e
Nabateans - history, culture and monumentskol
Exegesis Mk 11 - 12e